Middle Son, Medication, Kit Kats, and Airheads (the candy, I don’t use that term for people)

I was on pins and needles all day. Waiting for the psychiatric nurse to get back to me and tell me what she wanted me to do about middle son and his patches.
After swimming lessons this evening I got an automated call from the pharmacy telling me that my medication was not yet ready. Medication? I checked my email when I got home and the psychiatric nurse had replied and reinstated his old dosage (before and sans patch), with instructions on how to ease him onto it and when to remove the patch. She had sent it into the pharmacy for me when she left me the email. But the timed release pill she prescribed was one from over a year ago, a medication that no longer works for him and in fact makes him aggressive. Intuniv, if you want to know. Which my oldest just started on.
I sent a reply to her through the pediatrician, again. Letting her know the correct night medication, and that if she could call that into the pharmacy I would pick it up. I am able to start her instructions tomorrow, I have enough of his old medication left.
I went downstairs and found two of my children had selected and eaten their candy and then continued to select and eat candy the entire time I was on the computer straightening this out. Middle son was the instigator. He involved his three year old sister. He had put up a fuss after eating his Twix, crying that he needed more candy and of course I told him no. I was distracted, I did not put the candy away. I also thought they were too old and too trustworthy for policing like this. They know how much they can have. Oldest son left his box on the table when he was done and went to play. I expected the same from all of them.
I asked him what he was doing. He blurted out that he had some gummy bears (which he claimed are not candy), which I accepted could be his mistake, until I saw his hand was hiding the empty wrappers of a Kit Kat and an Airhead. He lied to me. I was livid.
I threw all his candy away. I threw all of his sister’s candy away. I will not tolerate being lied to. I am waiting for an apology. I don’t want to focus on the negative, I hate confronting people, I hate triggering my son, but I absolutely cannot stand lying.
Now I have to either let my oldest son choose his candy when we have candy once a week, and not the other two, or abolish candy in our house completely. My mother did that when I was little, we never had sweets unless it was a holiday. Not even dessert. My brother and I loathed it. We would walk to the gas station and buy a half gallon of ice cream and eat it all. Or if we had not enough money, we would eat a tub of Cool Whip. Or we would make two cakes and eat one of them, unfrosted, with the other left on the counter to cool. Because you cannot hide the smell of freshly baked cake.
Anyway, this is the second time I have had to do this. The first was when he was three. It’s almost his birthday, then we have Easter. Candy is coming, no matter what. I feel what is right is just to let it come in, and see if he can handle it, on the system we have had for years of occasional candy for dessert. I wonder how much this has to do with his very low dose of Clonidine. He would barely finish sweets when he was on his Clonidine pills. He seemed so much more in control. I really want that for him again. I want him to be able to make good choices again.


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