New Home

Middle son has had fewer fits and less anger this past week. I think he is becoming used to his new house.
He did have a few fits at the beginning of the week (Sunday, Monday) where I wrapped him up tight and hugged him and parked him in front of a cartoon. I picked which one, but I chose ones that he liked and had not yet seen that particular episode of. Thank you, Netflix. Thank you, Aunt and Uncle, for the Netflix and the Chromecast at Christmas.
It worked like a charm. Big son was very good about getting out of the way so I could get Middle Son set up on the couch and cast over his show. Today I was waiting for a fit, and none came. Saturdays are his worst days, we did not even go outside (too cold), so to have a fit-free day was a real Valentine’s treat. Tomorrow I will point it out to him, and his siblings, since none of them argued with each other at all today. Best Valentine’s Day, ever!

My toddler has chosen to sleep in a full size bed instead of her cozy little toddler bed, which she still fits in with room to spare. She looks swallowed up in the big bed, even though she has a dozen stuffed animal friends in there with her. In a few weeks I will go through her clothes and get rid of her current size, as she is on her way out of it. I have a little girl now, and not a baby any longer.

I gave the children each their first box of grown up chocolate. Small ones, but they just loved them. Far more than kid candy. I would agree. I made them a trifle and the boys ate it all, I only had to help a little, which I will probably kick myself for later, because I used real cream.

The house is more a home now, the boxes are all unpacked and today we found the missing Pokemon cards in a mislabeled box. The poor kid was relieved. I would say we are now officially moved in, despite work, appointments, school functions, and my current bout with the flu. Somehow we did it.

Now I have to get them to help with chores. Middle son thinks shoveling is fun, he makes mazelike paths from the front door, complete with alternate routes. The corn maze last fall might have made more of an impression than I thought. I want them to help with chores that are not fun, too. So far the offer of monetary reward has not motivated them on a regular basis.
How to get ODD types to help with chores? I am working on it. It will have to be weekends only. We haven’t enough time during weeknights, due to my work schedule. My goal is weekly chores without complaint by the end of the school year. A generous amount of time.

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