Middle Son and Medication

Son has been asleep since last night, when he got his Clonidine patch changed. I ripped it off of him and put on a smaller dose and have a call into the nurseline, I don’t want to wake him and drag him into the ER unless the nurse tells me to. I am done with the patch. So inconsistent that it scares the hell out of me, having the dose alter depending on the condition of his skin. In cold dry winter, I never know how it will end up. This is what I get for moisturizing the kids after their bath last night.
I am going to pay out of pocket for what was working before and the cost be damned. What good is a tax return if you cannot use it for your kid’s medical needs? I know where mine is going.
Poor kid missed half a day.


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2 responses to “Middle Son and Medication

  1. This sounds like you have your hands full. I will pray for him. Hugs, Barbara

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