Middle Son Regressed

My middle child has had a bit of a setback. He had a change in routine yesterday, and no matter how welcome, sometimes those set him off. He had a friend over, it went well enough, though he was terribly tense. After his friend left, he did not follow instructions and missed having a dessert (all the children did). So began one of those epic fits.
He could not calm for about an hour. I put the other children to bed, read them their stories, and then tried to reason with him. Sometimes it works. This time it did not. Finally I left him in bed and he fell asleep. He woke up later and got into my bed. When he woke up the first thing he did was apologize, before he even set a foot on the floor. Then he complained about nightmares. I am sure they were bad.
Today after school we laid out a plan together. He told me to hold him, hug him, during these fits even if he tells me to not to touch him, which he does. He screams at me to get away and not to touch him, so I had been being as respectful of his boundaries as possible. I told him I wanted to turn on a cartoon and wrap him up very tight to see if the distraction could calm him. He agreed. So we have a plan. A twenty minute cartoon.
He doesn’t throw these very often since he started his medication, and they used to be far worse. I think one Saturday he went for hours, it was three or four. Often he will have a very intense one and then fall immediately asleep, and that is how I know it is PTSD, with such a fight or flight response.
He used to have them frequently. He gets far worse when he is tired. Now I would say he gets them less than once a month.
I have a ton of things planned this month that are going to disrupt his schedule. Mostly events hosted by the school. I hope the familiar surroundings help.



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3 responses to “Middle Son Regressed

  1. Shifting homes always leaves me unsettled on a fundamental level, which makes other routine shifts harder to handle — and I’m no longer a little person still working out the whole world. I’m glad you and he were able to work out a plan together. Hope it helps!

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