Middle Son’s Medication

Middle son has been very active. I mean like overactive, hyperactive, attention deficit active. But not hitting anyone, thank goodness. He is still bursting into tears each day over every real and imagined slight.
I thought I must have put on his patch wrong. I thought I must have it in the wrong place. I thought he must be so rattled by the move that it has stopped being effective.
I talked to three nurses, a pharmacist, and his doctor (by proxy) today. The doc thinks he is just accustomed to the dose. We have to wait until a shipment gets into our small town tomorrow to get him the new dose on his patch. His patches have been leaving red marks that take a week to fade, and the doc wants me to try rubbing the spot with lotion three times a day to see if it will go away, as there is no blistering.
I had emails from Middle Son’s teacher each of the last two days, telling me she can barely teach him because of his busy behaviour and she had him show her that his patch was on, because he was acting like he had none. Luckily it was a lot of computer testing, common core crap, so he got into minimal trouble. Though something has happened that has gotten him banned from the boy’s bathroom… no one has explained, other than to reassure me it was an accident and not intentional on his part. If I can get a minute alone with him, I will ask him.
Poor kid. Tomorrow is show and tell and he cannot find what he wants to show. His auntie must have packed it for him. I hope he can manage the compromise we worked out.
I hope he does not acclimate to his new dose in four weeks, like he did with this one.



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2 responses to “Middle Son’s Medication

  1. I’m sorry, hon.. Prayers and positive thoughts to you, Middle Son and the rest of your family. Life is never easy.

    • Thank you! No, it is like a river with hidden rapids, and where there is one, there comes a cluster of them.. But I have hundreds of miles of canoeing experience… I should be able to navigate.

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