WISP. Shoulda. Can. What to do?

Victims of domestic violence with a verifiable history who are no longer with their abusers have seven years after the first year out to apply to WISP, Doris Buffet’s grant program for victims and advocates. When I got my job, I was not a year out. If I had been a year out, I would have done WISP instead. Now I have only a few years left to apply. I love my job. I like to work, but I could have a better life if I had an education. I could help more people.
I have missed a million opportunities, already in my life. But a good job with an ethical company, no matter the pay, is hard to find. What to do? The grant is for full time, I assume. I should check and see if I can do part time. I cannot do both things at full time. What to do?


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3 responses to “WISP. Shoulda. Can. What to do?

  1. betternotbroken

    Explore every option possible and when you get a job, always be looking! Good luck!

  2. Ditto to the first comment!

  3. See, that’s the problem! I have a job, and I don’t want to leave, even though the pay is half what I could make with an education or relocation.

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