The Short End Of The Stick

My son had his IEP last year, to prepare him for this year. It was held to accommodate his special needs and get him into the special education for the district. I have conferences for him coming up in three weeks, but now I cannot wait any longer to connect with his teachers and discuss his progress or lack of.
He took too long to do his classroom work today, so they made him stay in from recess.
He has Asperger’s, which, for those who do not know, is a form of autism.
Social awkwardness is a real issue with that. So is weakness of the trunk and poor motor skills. Denying him recess (social time, exercise) because he has a disability that makes him go slowly on the classroom work is not gonna fly with me. You would think they would be happy he took his time. He usually rushes through his work, without doing it properly, so that he can move on to free time. It’s been an issue since he started kindergarten. So if he went slow, it is because he is having trouble with it.
I was enraged.
I have to calm down before I call tomorrow. Mama Bear cannot use the phone properly or cooperate readily.
I want them to send the work home with him, or into his special ed classroom with him so that he can give it attention in a quiet setting.
You do not deny the disabled kid the same privileges as the other kids because learning is harder for him. You do not punish the disabled for being disabled.
I could scream.



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3 responses to “The Short End Of The Stick

  1. bizigal

    Hi Mama Bear! Write all this down and put it onto the IEP. Anything you tell the teacher at this point may not make a difference because it is not on the plan. I agree with you. They should just see the need but unfortunately you need to be the advocate all the time. I take the emotion out of it. Make changes on IEP that you can live with. Remember, it’s just business. Don’t take their actions personally. Good luck at the meeting.

    • Thank you for your support! That is exactly what I need to do. I need to have my rage fit in private and then detach and plan. I called the school and passed along some suggestions, I will update the IEP shortly after the conferences in three weeks, so I can get it all in at once. Just business. Got it.

  2. betternotbroken

    It is infuriating, the child is infuriating. I hope the IEP goes well.

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