Meds and Money

What happened was that the insurance company that we used last year gave us a bid raised sixty percent over our previous amount. Thank you, Obamacare.
So we switched to something more affordable. I didn’t have a choice, the insurance is from my work. I just have to take it and deal.
Then they refused to cover my son’s medication, a timed release pill. I bought him a week’s worth while we scrambled for a replacement, and each pill was about five dollars. That’s five dollars a day.
If I never had to take time off for sick children I could swing it.
But that’s not how I live.
So we changed him to the patch of the same medicine. He had a bit of contact dermatitis on his chest from the first week, and the dose was too low. His moods were not too bad, but watching him catapault over things continuously was hard. He also was not able to hear me the first time anymore. I had to repeat his name several times or bring the volume up significantly before he could hear. It was workable, there was not much hitting, until winter break ended and his kindergarten teacher sent me an email in an attempt to find out why he had an ¨off¨ day, the first day back. It was worded really well, the sort of diplomacy that fails me, but what she really wanted to know was what was wrong with him. That means he could not learn.
The next day I took him in for a re-evaluation of his meds. We doubled the dose, still on the patch. Poor kid. I wish I could just have kept it the way it was. It is not fair to find something that works, and have finances get in the way.
When I called the nurse at school to tell her he no longer needed his pill, she told me she would miss seeing him every day, as he was so sweet and polite. That is proof that his pills were working. My formerly violent and angry son, being called sweet and polite. His true sensitive nature finally hitting the surface instead of his PTSD. Thank you, medicine.


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