We were on a waitlist for a few months for a larger apartment. We have twice as many people as rooms, and a larger place really seemed like the answer to numerous things. The town is where the children attend school and daycare, and close to everything. My name change went through, and plans to expand the family fell through. So getting one more bedroom is enough, at the right time, with just myself and three kids under the new name.

But the children. They lived in three places in a year, and we have not been here but eighteen months. I was terribly worried about how they would deal with the move. They are attached to one family in this town, that we will see as frequently as possible, anyway, as they are our dearest friends. I thought they would not want to go. Because they tell me quite frequently how much they love their ¨house¨. Maybe they just say it because they have lived in worse places, or maybe they feel affectionate towards it, I wasn’t sure.

I got the call on Monday that we were approved and I was in shock. I had given up on that place, they never verified with me that I had been added to the list and they did not return my calls. I had, a few hours before getting the news, called and added myself to another wait list and arranged to pick up an applicaton for yet a third. I thought it would take over a year.

Monday night I started complaining about the town we lived in, how far it was from school and store and daycare. The kids all agreed it would be more convenient to live in the town I was approved for, essentially I asked their permission, and got it, after the fact. I laid it thick on a few more days, to give it a week, and just announced that we were moving at the end of January. The reaction is positive and they know we have to pack, which is reassuring for the upcoming transition. If they get the mechanics and can participate, it should be easier, even for my Aspie.

I hate moving, truly. But I am grateful for how quickly I have been getting income qualifying housing in this area. I haven’t seen the place yet. I hope it is the sort of place I can stay in forever. That is what I want for them, that sort of stability.

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