Autism, SPD, and Haircuts

My son let the hairdresser cut his hair with clippers today. This is HUGE. I have waited six years for this. There was one other time that he let the stylist finish off the edges with a clipper, but today he let her do his whole head.

His father did not want to pay for haircuts. He bought a clipper and would do my son’s head without a guard, since babyhood, with me begging for him to stop and put a guard on until he pushed me out the door and locked it against me. My son would scream and cry and end up with razor burn. Having SPD does not help any more than the trauma does. He hates the sensation, and the auditory dysfunction makes the buzzing sound intolerable to him.

I have to get his haircuts done in the morning, after a good night’s rest, on a second day off, like a Sunday. Which is how it was today. I want to find a formula that works, so I never have to see him panic in a barber chair again.

He knows how proud I am. It was his own choice, to get a fast cut and not the slow scissor cut that made him squirm in concern for his ears.


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