Your Rafter Keeps Poking My Eye Out with It’s Irrelevancy

No one said it better than this. This is what it is like.

Picking Up the Pieces

Dear “If I Was You, I would have:”

Since you have the benefit of having the story in its totality but none of the intimate personal experience with the abuse I endured and the snap decisions I made on a daily basis just to survive into the next twenty-four hours of destruction, your opinions, assumptions, suppositions, advice, and criticism are not welcome here.  I know you feel the choices in the moment should have been obvious to me in all my intelligence, but never for one moment forget that you have the benefit of something that, at the time when I really could have used it, I did not have.  I have drawn you a picture of the entire 1,551 days in such detail that there is nothing omitted.  I have withheld nothing from you as I brought you into my story and shared vulnerability that you were, as it turns…

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