We Made It Through Thanskgiving

Not that it is an ordeal. What I mean is that middle child and I were seriously sick over the holiday and all accompanying days off. He started his illness 36 hours before, and I started 24 hours before the actual holiday. He did not eat a solid meal until this evening, six days later. The doctor said if he lost 3 more pounds that he would be hospitalized, so every time he tried to tell me he was full, I would remind him he could eat more at home or eat more in the hospital through a tube. He had only been sick three days when the doctor weighed him. Three days, to lose two pounds.

I don’t know what he had. The doctor said he had some sort of virus that I cannot pronounce, because of the blisters on the inside of his lips. It was just a lot of fever, now he has a runny nose. Thanks to my dearest friend, for sending over straws to work around those blisters with, and also Thanksgiving dinner even though we were too sick to do it justice.

Today he got one of those rashes that smaller children get after Roseola, when the fever has broken for good. This is the first time I had ever seen him sick more than three days. It was stressful, and to make it worse, I was so afflicted by strep, again, that I was doubtful of my attentiveness. But we did take a lot of naps side-by-side, and he did get a lot of chocolate drinks.

Today he was laughing again, got in a little trouble, and ate his dinner and then tried to run in circles in the parking lot when we went on our second emergency Kleenex run. I told him he looked ready for school. He stopped running, put his head down and one foot carefully before the other, waited thirty seconds and told me his tummy hurt. The doctor prescribed him ice cream and smoothies, and he loved eating it as much as he loved hearing a doctor prescribe it. So I don’t blame him for trying to draw it out.

I took him to work the first day, before I got sick, and he came to me and asked me ¨Mommy, why is wet coming out of my face?” The fever got so high that it was making him tear up while the sweat popped out all over his face. He was shaking, too, which he refers to as ¨wiggling¨. I think both of us ate our weight in fever reducers.

Major props to the other kids. The only offense by the oldest was to wake us when he got lonely or scared during our naps. The only crime committed by the youngest was to get into the shredded cheese and scatter it all over the kitchen floor on her way to eat it stealthily under the kitchen table. They LOVED having peanut butter and honey sandwiches every day for lunch. I need to remember that. I don’t know why I cook hot lunches every day, if they are so happy with peanut butter. Maybe that is something I can cut back on, so we can play more.

I was back to functioning this morning, and I made them a pumpkin pie, immediately. My friend will be receiving multiple deliveries of cookies and rice krispie bars.

So we missed the family Thanksgiving due to illness. Again. But I was with the kids, and that was all I really wanted, all I have ever really wanted. So lucky to have them with me, still. That is what I am thankful for, their lives. Knowing they are cared for.


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