They found a picture of their father today. No negative reaction, no obsessiveness. The psychologist had told me a year ago or more to hold off on showing pictures in case there was a trigger reaction that set them back in their progress, which was sort of fragile at the time.
The oldest is calling him ¨Dad¨. I am not supposed to correct him, I have been told to let them find their own label or term and be respectful of it. It is just odd to hear the English in reference to him.
I hope they don’t find his picture in the break room at the daycare. Now that the oldest can read, he would be able to understand the message to the staff to call the police if anyone sees him, as it would be a violation of the criminal order.



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3 responses to “Pictures

  1. Love and hugs to you and your children.
    Stay strong. xx

  2. betternotbroken

    I hope your children heal and find many blessings in their present and future, you as well.

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