Postcard to the UAE

I had some views from the UAE, if someone could be so kind as to pass these messages on.

To the lady from the souk who made my leebas: I want my surplus fabric back, please, not ribbons.

To the boy from the souk selling pots: it does not matter what country I am from. You have not the right to stare, as you well learned in madrassa.

To that Egyptian restaurant in Sharjah: I still dream of your food. I have never had the equal.

To the white camel, who I met by the dumpster: then no. I haven’t got any food in my hand, still.

To those with whom I stayed: I love you and I miss you, every day, all of you.


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2 responses to “Postcard to the UAE

  1. Reclaiming myself

    I have been reading your blogs for months, as I find some commonalities between my situation and where you have been. I have hope that one day my own three kids and I will be in a better place. It looks like we have more in common than I realized. I live in AD rather than Sharjah, but your “postcard” reached me here. I wish you and your family the best and I admire your strength.

    • I spent a moment, only, in Sharjah. I know I much prefer AD to Dubai!
      You will be in a better place, I hope with all my heart. Just plan, and remain vigilant for the right moments and people.
      Kiss the children for me.
      Thank you for reading, and thank you so much for reaching out. It means the world to me, truly.

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