I cannot believe people are killing their children and blaming their child’s special needs for the act. Many more neurotypical children are murdered by their parents than are special needs kids, and no one is calling for parent respite in those cases. Shame on everyone.
Killing your children is wrong. No matter if the child is sixteen or a newborn, that is still an undeveloped human in your care.
Even if that child is trying to beat the shit out of you, you cannot kill them.
I have no idea why there is any sympathy at all for these murderers.



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5 responses to “Infanticide

  1. I’ve never understood this. I’ve watched programmes where children are ‘disabled’, but hit/punch their parents, swear at them, spit at them, etc. The parents – mainly mothers – give up work to look after them full time. They’re exhausted, but are determined to make their children’s lives as comfortable and ‘normal’ as possible. I would do exactly the same.
    There is no way there is any type of justification for those parents who kill their children because of special needs. Disgusting.

  2. normal or disabled, not even animals kill their little ones… 😦 there’s no way of understanding parents who kill their kids: they are sick and dangerous!!! last week, a young father of our region threw his 6 month-baby into a river just because he was crying too much(loud!), RIP.

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