Two Years Out

We are two years out. Two of us on medication, two of us with PTSD. Two of us cured. Two of us remember everything. Two of us do not.
One of us does not know what happened.
Three of us do not recognize the abuser’s face in pictures.
Two years of protection gone.
One more year that he is ordered to stay in the borders of his state by the criminal courts.
One more year before he is free.
Eight more years before he is free to contact us four.
He said ¨Even if it takes me ten years I will kill you, wherever you are.¨
Ten years is what the paper says.

I have to petition the criminal courts to extend the protection at the time of expiration. If there is no attempt at contact I will probably lose. I have to do it without giving my new name, and since it is on a case listing my old name, I think I can.

I should send an update to the shelter staff and the advocate group.

I try to talk about what happened, and instead I end up counting like this.



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