I bought my daughter some fairy wings for next to nothing at a thrift store, black and glittery. She was really excited to try them on. She put them on, walked in some tight circles and glanced back at them.
¨They don’t work.¨ She said, with a frown.
I crouched down to her height, concerned.
¨What’s wrong, baby, what do you mean that they don’t work?¨
¨Mommy, why am I not flying?¨
I was so very sorry for her in that moment.
She took them off, but she did not cry.



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2 responses to “Wings

  1. One day I am sure she will find you of all people were giving her real wings with the ability to fly. Very eye opening when you find your children’s expectations are not met and they have to accept a little more of reality. Thank you for sharing this moment.

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