This Is The Best I Can Do For Them

Wake up
Clean clothing
Daycare dropoff
Work full day
Get car fixed while working
Go to Social Services, sign paper for case advocacy for ASD son
Post office to pick up packages
Shopping for baby’s friend who is moving daycares (sad, sad day for her)
Daycare pickup
Take kids home
Special one on one talk with daughter to explain that her friend is moving away
Clean clothes
Go to sign up for Cub Scouts in the next town (repeated shushing, sugar rush, boat construction, pee on floor, clean floor, all go back to van to change, clean clothes, back at meeting, greet friends, crack jokes, ask about special needs cubs, get contact info, shush!)
Persuade children to leave while repairing boat
Brush teeth x three
Bathroom visits x three
Book time
Book time (yes, I did two books)
Bathroom visit (yes, I… you get it)
Talk to friend..
Post on WP

If everyday is like this, then I win. None of that was my stuff. I left that out.


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2 responses to “This Is The Best I Can Do For Them

  1. You are doing great, with what you have at the time, Love. It conquers all.

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