Getting Lost At The Fair

Last spring, at eldest son’s IEP, the school district told me they thought I should get a personal aide for him because he is considered to be socially vulnerable. They told me I should have one for when we go out.
I registered him with the county and they told me that I could get respite care for him, meaning he goes to a host family’s house for the evening or something, but that they do not provide any aides or attendants.
Yesterday we spotted a bouncy house at the fair, and he couldn’t wait. After being told to stay with me, after being reminded to stay with me, he left a position immediately behind me while walking to an attraction and took off to the bouncy house. He was behind me, so I didn’t see him go. I called his name, went over to the bouncy house, and could not find him. He had already realized I was not with him and gone walkabout. Some nice ladies brought him to the police, and he called me from their phone.
I think it was less than fifteen minutes. He was sobbing when he got back together with us.
This is a boy who cannot be in a room away from me, who is afraid in the bathroom and in the mornings when he wakes up alone in his bedroom.
This is a small town. During the time he was gone we saw a half dozen people we knew, even at a busy fair, and all of them had an eye out for him.
I couldn’t help it. I just kept telling everyone I was told to get an aide for him.
My neighbor volunteered for the next event. I will pay her. I think I will cave and get those BuddyTags before spring, too.


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