Backpacks, Bribes, and The Medical Staff or THEY KNOW WHO I AM

I call the clinic today, which is a multi-clinic, actually, as well as a hospital with over eighty beds and a hundred doctors, give or take a few.

I am leaving a message for my son’s doctor with the nurse who was manning the phones for the day, when she interrupts me and says ¨I remember you! You came in for flu shots last year with your kids, I was the administering nurse.¨ I told her how proud I was that they did not cry. I had the nurse give me the first shot, with a needle in the arm, and then the kids had theirs up their noses. I did that in front of them so that the kids could see that shots might hurt, but are routine and do not always require tears. Whatever the reason, we managed to make it through without crying.

She tells me she remembers me because I had everything all planned out. I had the backpack with the books and little toys, I had the M&M candies to hand out after the flu shot, and I went first. She told me it seemed so under control. I laughed. I needed to hear someone say that. Twice in two weeks, first the psychologist, then a nurse. Maybe I am getting somewhat on top of things. Or maybe I should knock on wood.

I did try to ditch the backpack. I spent some of the summer without it, but it got to be a bother to not have what I needed, when I needed it. I have it again now, it is my daughter’s. She allows me to borrow it, and reminds me of her favor now and then, so I can thank her.

I actually did try to buy a purse. I wanted one that held everything and also had outside accessible pockets. I found the perfect one, a miniature backpack. I keep it inside the bigger backpack and take it out to use when I am on a rare errand sans children.

Flu shots are coming up again, next month. I am so glad she reminded me, I need to throw some Tootsie Rolls into the backpack and schedule an appointment.

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