Today the Kurdish Yazidis die on the Mountain

These are the cousins of my children, dying on the mountain. ISIS has been culling the Yazdis. They have been killing the men and selling the women and children. This is Sunnah. That means that the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, has done this very thing before, and it was immortalized. It was immortalized because Muhammed is believed to be a perfect human, chosen by God to lead people onto the right path and therefore into Heaven. Everything he did has been written down and read over a million times, to be emulated. That right path is called the Sunnah, and ISIS is comprised of Sunni Muslims. The Prophet said Islam was perfected in his lifetime. Nothing new can come after his death. This effectively seals the religion into the dark ages.

What they are doing now is exactly how the Al Saud tribe seized power in the Arabian Peninsula and declared themselves to be royalty, about a century ago. Kill anyone who does not believe as you do, who does not swear loyalty to you and your ideology. And they could, because they had superior arms, as does ISIS.

So. This has been done before. To the Bani Qurayza, a Jewish tribe. That is where this began, in Medina, fourteen hundred years or so ago.

The world has seen this previously elsewhere, and more recently. It happened to the Armenians, the Jews in Europe, the natives of anywhere that were overrun by superior arms. We could go on, and list Rwanda and the Congo, and talk about Pol Pot or the Cultural Revolution in China. But the point is that we are supposed to stop this sort of thing. Not allow for it again. Is that not why we have the UN? Is there any difference between Nazism and Islam?

Did you read what I said at the beginning? Did you read that this is Sunnah? There is no escaping the history that the Prophet left for all of us. This is his legacy, to insist that the ¨traitors¨ and ¨apostates¨ and the unbelievers remove themselves from existence, or pay an exorbitant tax, called Jizya, if they want to live. Oh, and swear obedience to the ruling power.

No money? Your men are slaughtered and your women are sold. Your children are sold. What are they sold for? To live in servant’s quarters and play with children and cook meals? Don’t be naive like that. ISIS is tapping into the oldest profession in the world. This is for sex slavery. They have been selling Christian blood, you know. To wealthy Saudis. Now they can sell women, too. Did you know many Kurds are blonde? A very popular haircolor on women right now, I am sure they realize.

The parents on the mountain are watching their children die. They are deciding, right now, sex slavery for my boys and girls, or death? What would you decide, for your children, for your wife, for your mother?

These are our cousins. The Nazis have come for us, this time in Iraq. No one stopped them.



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3 responses to “Today the Kurdish Yazidis die on the Mountain

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  2. It’s so sad seeing it actually pan out. You think people say they agree with these acts in theory whilst they put their apologetic spin on it, but you never think they would go out there and put it in practise like its genuinely a good thing to do.

    • Yes. It reminds me of a large scale Nativity play. Only real. And bloody. And Islamic. But still an exact reenactment of the overly glorified birthing of a religion.
      Now showing: The Sahaba and their leader, in Iraq.
      I cannot tell you how sick it makes me, to see humanity take such a nose dive, again.

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