ADHD, PTSD, and Trying To Fake It

So my son’s doctor told me I have to bite the bullet and call the school district next week for a 504 so that he gets accommodations for his ADHD, at least.
If I get something in place for him, where the school has official notice of special needs, then he is less likely to be facing serious consequences for bad behaviour, and will instead get HELP. Help is better than being expelled or suspended.
His medicine barely works at all. I have to call the doctor on Monday. I don’t want him to be a zombie, but I don’t like his fits, either. So the dose goes up or he tries something else. It works only enough to enable him to get mostly good reports at daycare. So I was biting the bullet about his behaviour at home. But Friday he had another bad day, and school will be much more demanding.
I was hoping he could take his meds and just be like all the other kids. Too much wishful thinking, time to get practical.


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  1. My neck is giving me a headache

    You have to request a 504 in writing. 🙂

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