Dear Children, Sorry About Story Time

Dear children,
I am sorry that I was so Tired. I worked and ran errands, made lists of more things to do and more things to buy. Then we had dinner and dessert and I am Tired. Capital T tired. My brain is tired, today.
This is why I told you not to cry and whine for what you want. I cannot help you self regulate, when I am Tired. Crying and whining makes me More Tired. As I told you. Being Tired at me while I am Tired makes us all Too Tired.
You were Tired, too. That is why you all went to bed early. Because one of you fell asleep a half hour prior, and two of you could not stop whining. That is proof of being Tired.
You were Tired yesterday, too. You seem to never have recovered from your outing with daycare to the splash park, which I understand was so terribly exciting yesterday that you actually crashed while there and fell asleep on your towel.
I do realize that this is the fifth time in the past year that we have missed bedtime stories. I know that is only three hundred and sixty days of stories. If I recall correctly, half of the missed days were from Tired, and half from Mommy being Sick With Flu.
I love you. I do feel bad for being Tired. Sometimes Mommies are Tired, and I hope you can understand that Tired does not mean there is less love. Only less activities.
Tomorrow we will be sure to take our vitamins and put our life jackets on at the beach, so there will be less worries and therefore less Tired.
Tomorrow we will, of course, read extra books. Because reading is as important as playing tag or swimming at the beach. Tomorrow also we will learn how to count money. So you can buy your own things at the fair on Sunday. All by yourself. So I can see you need me less and less, and so I will Worry less and less, and be Tired less and less.
Love you always with hugs and kisses,



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2 responses to “Dear Children, Sorry About Story Time

  1. My neck is giving me a headache

    I think I loved storytime as much as my kids. They are too young to understand tired yet.

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