New Behavior Therapist

Right around the time that my old behavior therapist had to stop seeing my kids because her entire organization shut down, my oldest kids regressed a bit. It might be coincidence, but I am having to teach them again how to be alone in other rooms (even with the door open), and to go to the bathroom by themselves. Today I managed to get my oldest to go to the bathroom in a strange place by himself, by tapping on the door the entire time that I remained outside of it.

This was at the new behavioral therapist’s office, which coincidentally, is at the same office complex as their previous therapist. So that is a handy bit of continuity.

The last time we were there it was mostly an introduction. I discovered that despite the appearance of the therapist (sporty) and his slang (buddy, dude), it was apparent that he knew his stuff and what was up with my kids.
Through deduction and observation. I think he is approaching this in a team style, and that makes me happy. I want to work with others to help my children.

They each had their own session alone with him today, and he said they did quite well. The younger of the two would not talk about his father, became disturbed at mention of him, and I cannot blame him. Both of them do understand that their father is ill, and that is a blessing, because confusion or negativity over a parent is tough. The older did not mind talking of his father, and I think sometimes that it is his innate cheerfulness, and at other times I think it is his lack of empathy that aids him in this. He still has inappropriate cheerful reactions to sad or alarming incidents. Such is autism. It’s not a bad thing, unless you are the one who fell down and he is giggling at you.

I think this will work out well. I hope we can maintain this long term. Two to four sessions a month with this therapist, and the same with the psychologist, and there is no way I can feel as if I am not doing enough. Add in OT, and we are fully engaged in helping these children grow. Sometimes it takes a village. For me it takes two therapists, a psychologist, a daycare staff, two teachers, a social worker, and I suppose I need to make some friends to be good influences or positive role models. I just haven’t got time. I am taking off of work to make this happen each week.


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