Good Day

Today my children did not fight with me. No one told me that they hated me. No one tried to break anything we own, or anything anyone else owns. No one hit me. Every single kid told me at different times that they loved me, and I hadn’t given them anything to prompt such a statement. There were some close calls, but no tantrums.

Daycare staff made a point to tell me each child had a good day. Each of them.

But most important, most appreciated, they left me alone in another room, for an hour. I didn’t even ask them to. I am going to tell them, now that it is bedtime, how wonderfully behaved they were. 

This is a very special day. 



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6 responses to “Good Day

  1. Yeah! Every once in awhile miracles do happen. Now the trick is to hold onto this memory the next time the tantrums start up again. Meghan

  2. Have you read it is a great site and uplifiting

  3. I know exactly what you mean, days like that are rare but oh so awesome when you do have them. My 2 year old son has to be tested for autism next month, but his pediatrician told me he is almost certain he is autistic. At first I was very upset and worried but not now, either way he is my perfect baby.

    • My son at two was a completely different child than he is now. I wish I had gotten him tested at a younger age, my doctors were not helpful back then. I found Occupational Therapy made a huge difference for him at age five. This is a good thing, to get things moving while young. They are super interesting kids, for sure. Mine keeps me busy, in a good way!

      • My son is already doing occupational therapy, developmental therapy, and speech therapy. Early intervention has taught me a lot, he was born at 23 weeks so he was really behind.

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