Father’s Day

For Father’s Day the children and I made the road trip to visit my father. Where I had the big announcement to make. This is how it went down:

¨Big Son was thoroughly tested by the school district and has been diagnosed with autism. I informed his doctor and he has referred him for further evaluation to see if a medical diagnosis concurs.¨

My father’s brilliant response:

¨I guess every kid I know has autism then, because he seems like any other kid to me. They try to pigeonhole everyone into something these days.¨

My rebuttal:

¨You have told me my oldest children are not normal every time you see them, for years. I don’t think this is sudden.¨ 

The man tells me for five years that I had better do something about my kids, even drove hours especially to see me alone without the kids last year so he could voice his concerns about their behaviors, and now that they are getting help, he says they don’t need it. How supportive.


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