Getting on the Bus

So here is what I did and what it means:

I did: I called the pediatrician with the school’s diagnosis. He immediately referred Eldest son to two specialists. The first being the psychologist that Younger son sees. The second being an autism specialist in the city an hour away. I am awaiting a call back to schedule both of those. Today I also informally let the psychologist know that Eldest son will be seeing her. The school let me know that he has far more anxiety than he let on about. Without this diagnosis I would have taken that information to the pediatrician for the same sort of medication that his brother takes and then signed him up with that psychologist, but with the diagnosis I want to wait on that until all the testing is done before medicating him. For all I know, upping his OT and providing Special Ed accommodations will take care of it, and for now, being out of school for the summer will lower his anxiety to nothing, anyway.

This means: Anyway, if I get a medical diagnosis for him, my insurance can no longer deny him. It was made illegal to deny those with autism last year in this state. If I do not get a medical diagnosis, then I am still lucky, as the school will regard him as autistic from here on out, and will provide him with appropriate services, and his doctor will still be able to get him the OT referral, six appointments at a time. Unless he stops showing symptoms, which is also acceptable.

I did: Today his little brother and I picked up different pens and we are going to give mechanical pencils a try, though that is a long shot.

This means: Autistic children forget what they learn more easily than other children, so I need to keep up his handwriting practice over the summer, with better writing utensils that glide smoothly across paper without any unpleasant abrasive sensation. I suppose dry erase is the closest I can get to optimum, with that. I better pull that stuff out of the closet and give it a special box so it is easily accessible to him.


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