Swimming Certificate

My son handed me a damp Red Cross certificate after his swimming class last Saturday. It said he has now completed Level I, and is ready for Level I. 

Apparently, he is not comfortable enough in water to actually learn to swim his way through Level I and into Level II. Not so unusual for an SPD kid without coordination and lots of fears. So next winter, he and his brother will be in swimming class together, as his brother is a year younger and has to start at Level I. 

This is the best thing, I think. Because, most likely, they will be trying to drown each other, and thus they will learn to swim by necessity. If not that, then seeing his brother surpassing him will help with motivating him. It’s going to keep happening, in his life with his siblings. If he can roll with it now and apply himself, maybe he can make a habit of it. Maybe he won’t be left behind, like so many special needs kids are. 

Swimming is one area I desperately want him to master, as it is a lifesaving skill he might need someday, not just a sport. We are going to spend a great deal of time at the shallow lake again this summer. 



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2 responses to “Swimming Certificate

  1. TBH

    all the best for his swimming lessons!

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