Yesterday my son wanted strawberry shortcake. I make it very simply, with slightly sweet biscuits, strawberries cut and mashed, and a whipped cream on the top of it. I told him, he could have it, if he helped. Cutting all the strawberries is a bit of work, when you have arthritis.

Last night after I sent him to bed, he remembered. He asked for his strawberry shortcake. I told him it was too late at night, if he wanted it, he would have to make it himself, as he was supposed to be in bed.

He took out the strawberries. He washed them. He got a plate, to cut on. A bowl, to put the cut berries into. He cut strawberries, maybe seven of them. I brought over the biscuit and warmed it for him, we put the strawberries over the top and added the cream.

He ate the bowl and for once did not ask for more. He asked to watch television, I told him it was bedtime. He got into bed, smiling.

Maybe tomorrow I should ask him to make bread with me.



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2 responses to “Normalcy

  1. Responsibility, is a lesson in its own. That and he must really pay attention when you make them. It seems he knew just what to do.

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