Who Is That Guy?

The behavioural therapist takes my children into the staff breakroom at the daycare for their sessions. There is a picture of a man above the table in there, who the staff are supposed to know on sight, just in case he shows up one day to try and kidnap his children in violation of a court order that protects them from his homicidal threats.

My children have been having their sessions there for six months now. Yesterday the therapist told me that for the first time, one of my sons pointed to the photo, and asked “Who is that guy?” The therapist shrugged and said “I don’t know, just some guy.” My son, satisfied, then returned his attention to his therapeutic task.

On advice from the psychologist, I have not put up photos of their father in our home. 

But his face was right in front of them, during their therapies, all this time.



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